Who We Are

The Oklahoma District of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod is a fellowship of congregations committed to caring, sharing, teaching, preaching and reaching people so as to bring them into a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit works dynamically within and through the congregations of the Oklahoma District. Lutherans built churches in Oklahoma before statehood and today, 78 congregations ranging from small to large, rural to urban are found in most parts of the state.

As the original Protestant group, Lutherans have a heritage of over 500 years. The movement of reform that spawned the Protestant churches began on October 31, 1517 by an ordinary yet remarkable man named Martin Luther.  Because of his efforts, Bible reading, hymn singing, and preaching became commonplace in the church. He showed by means of the Bible that through personal faith in Jesus Christ every Christian has access to God.

Eph. 3:12 (NIV) In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.

Lutherans are in every state of the U.S. and on every continent. The Lutheran Church is the largest Protestant family in the world, and third largest in the U.S.   The LCMS has numerous partner churches throughout the world, and sends missionaries into many different nations. Lutherans are eager to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to invite you to share their church as your spiritual home. You can be assured of concerned pastoral care and of careful attention to the truth of God’s Word. The fellowship of our churches is warm and caring. We invite you to know and worship God with us.

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