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The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) is a denomination that confesses the historic, orthodox Christian faith, a faith built on “the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone” (Eph. 2:20). The LCMS, headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., is mission-oriented and Bible-based. LCMS doctrine reflects the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther, as summarized in The Book of Concord: The Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Today, the LCMS has nearly 2 million baptized members in more than 6,000 congregations and more than 9,000 pastors. Two seminaries and 8 colleges and universities operate under the auspices of the LCMS, and its congregations operate the largest Protestant parochial school system in America.

Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones es la división hispana de Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM). A través de programas cristianos de radio y televisión, así como también programas por Internet, dramas, música, y materiales evangelísticos, trabajamos en conjunto con la Iglesia Luterana-Sínodo de Missouri, la Iglesia Luterana de Canadá, e Iglesias alrededor del mundo, para desarrollar nuestra misión de “Llevar a Cristo a las naciones y las naciones a la Iglesia”.

The “&” in Witness & Outreach underscores that there are two different elements to this ministry of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.  Witness is the work we have been given to do as the church scattered. We have opportunities to speak of Jesus with the people in our everyday lives who are our friends, co-workers, neighbors, family members, etc.  Outreach is the work we do as the church gathered. It is our collective effort through ministries, services, events and other activities as the church through which we invite and include others into Word and Sacrament ministry. Witness & Outreach are distinct, but they work together so people will know of Jesus and be gathered into His Church through us.

Lutheran Hour Ministries is a trusted resource in global media that equips and engages a vibrant volunteer base to passionately proclaim the Gospel to more than 125 million people worldwide each week. Through its North American headquarters and ministry centers on six continents, LHM reaches into more than 50 countries, often bringing Christ to places where no other Christian evangelistic organizations are present. LHM’s flagship ministry, The Lutheran Hour®, airs weekly on more than 1,800 radio stations and the American Forces Network.

KFUO, the broadcast ministry of the LCMS broadcasts from the LCMS International Center in Kirkwood, Missouri.  With 90+ consecutive years of service, KFUO is the longest continually owned-operated religious broadcast station in the world, and maintains its mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ both on AM (850) and Worldwide at

Lutheran Ministries Media, Inc. produces a weekly, 30-minute Lutheran broadcast worship service called Worship Anew. Each service includes music, scripture readings, prayers, and a pastor delivering a message that is designed to feel one-on-one to the viewer. Each program is closed-captioned for the hearing impaired.

Every One His Witness is a relational, contextual Lutheran evangelism program that teaches you how to witness to your nonchurched friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family members. Using the LASSIE approach to witnessing (listen, ask, seek, share, invite, and encourage), you will learn how to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in a natural way with people who are part of your everyday life.

The Office of National Mission is addressing the challenge of congregational decline through a comprehensive Revitalization initiative. In the language of 1 Cor. 3:5-9, revitalization is centered on planting and watering in anticipation of God providing the growth.  re:Vitality is a full-scale program that addresses the three fundamental premises of revitalization by providing congregations with resources to improve their abilities to invite, welcome and receive people from outside the congregation.

Doxology, the Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel, is a Recognized Service Organization of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.  It is comprised of pastors, counselors and laity from various walks of life who are committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially as God gives it through the Holy Ministry.  DOXOLOGY offers an innovative program of advanced study retreats to strengthen pastors for the task of faithfully shepherding the souls entrusted to their care.

OAFC is a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS with over 45 years of evangelism and youth ministry experience. We offer free training to youth and adults which can assist you in evangelism and strengthening the faith of your youth. We will meet with you, train you and work with you so that you will be able to share your faith as we all witness of Jesus' love and forgiveness in your community and wherever God leads us.

The LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces supports almost 200 chaplains, who represent the church on active duty, the reserves, the National Guard, and Civil Air Patrol. Chaplains meet the needs of military personnel and their families.  The LCMS cares deeply for those who currently serve, for those who have donned the cloth of our nation in uniform, and for those who served our nation and live in our communities.

LCMS Disaster Response is a ministry of presence, a presence rich with God’s mercy and Word of life. It serves the thousands of individuals and families all over the world who are suffering from loss in the wake of disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires and tornadoes. But it also provides an opportunity for the church to be visibly active in reaching out in mercy to serve the hurting and homeless with physical and spiritual care.

Lutherans For Life believes that the Church is compelled by God’s Word to speak and act on behalf of those who are vulnerable and defenseless.  Their mission is  equipping Lutherans to be Gospel-motivated voices For Life.

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Stewardship Ministry helps congregations grow in their understanding and implementation of a life of stewardship.  Christian stewardship is the free and joyous activity of God’s family — the church — in managing life’s resources for His purposes.


The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Rural & Small Town Mission supports pastors, professional church workers and lay leaders to meet the challenges of leading Christ-centered outreach in their unique communities.

Mission Central is the largest mission network that is providing support to the LCMS Office of International and National Mission also known to many people as LCMS World Mission. It continues to be blessed by God as a conduit to raise millions of dollars every year to send and keep missionaries in the mission field.

The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) is the official women’s auxiliary of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. For over 77 years, the LWML has focused on affirming each woman’s relationship with Christ, encouraging and equipping women to live out their Christian lives in active mission ministries and to support global missions.

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) does mission work all over the world. Knowing about the international LCMS work around the world will help you know what needs your prayers and how to get involved and support international missions.


The LuthED website offers comprehensive resources for encouraging, connecting and informing Lutheran Schools for church workers and others.  The website offers a growing array of resources, devotions and discounted services. 

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Campus Ministry works through LCMS U, an initiative to connect and support Lutheran students as they head off to college and face countless challenges to their biblical worldview, doctrine, ethics and practices.

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s School Ministry assists, equips and uplifts school educators, district staff, and especially education executives and congregational leaders so that through them children may be equipped as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Other Resources

Nestled on 15 acres in northwest Oklahoma City, Concordia Life Plan Community offers an active, vibrant lifestyle for people of all faiths and backgrounds. Opening in 2007, Concordia is managed and operated by professionals who call Oklahoma City home.  As a senior living community, we offer independent livingassisted livingskilled nursing and rehabilitationmemory care, and long-term care. Here, you’ll be inspired to nurture your overall wellness — to engage, connect, grow and stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

Take a look around our website. Connect with us for more information. Or call 405-720-7200  and arrange a visit to experience what makes Concordia a one-of-a-kind senior living community in Oklahoma City.

Whether you are a church worker or spouse — or someone who loves those who are called to serve — this comprehensive set of resources for Church Worker Wellness is provided for you by the LCMS.

Concordia Publishing House is the publishing arm of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and are therefore deeply committed to remaining faithful to the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. This commitment is reflected throughout all of the resources they offer.

Learn about the history of the reformation, the 500th anniversary celebration in 2017, and find reformation related resources for education, worship, Bible study along with children's materials and more.

LHF translates, publishes, distributes and introduces books that are Bible-based, Christ-centered and Reformation-driven. In more than 80 countries and 100 languages, thousands of people have come to faith in Christ because they’ve been able to read books like The Good News About Jesus or Luther’s Small Catechism in their own languages.

LCEF has served as the financial extension of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) since 1978, offering funding and resources in support of the Church. When you invest with LCEF, you're providing for the creation and growth of congregations and ministries across the country. LCEF empowers LCMS ministries with every dollar invested. LCEF provides customized loans and support services to new and growing ministries as well as loans for Rostered Church Workers who dedicate their lives to sharing the Gospel.

Lutherans For Life believes that the Church is compelled by God’s Word to speak and act on behalf of those who are vulnerable and defenseless.  Their mission is  equipping Lutherans to be Gospel-motivated voices For Life.