NYG 2022

Important Dates Coming Up:

March 2, 2022: Registration rate increases

Early Spring 2022: Primary Adult Leaders receive Gathering hotel information

Early April 2022: Hotel deposit is due

May 1, 2022: Deadline for District Event/T-shirt registration

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You can also connect with us on Youtube to see video recordings of previous information meetings as well as playlists of other informative videos on previous gatherings and synod youth events.

Oklahoma District LCMS Youth


Planning is already underway for the 2022 National Youth Gathering in Houston, TX July 9-13, 2022. The theme is “In All Things” based on Colossians 1:15-20. In All Things is a reminder that the Christian story encompasses all things. Nothing, and no one, is left out. In baptism, all things in our lives are brought under the gracious rule and reign of Jesus Christ. The story includes all of each of us. Christ is the single “big idea” in Paul’s letter to the Colossians, and he will be the single big idea at the 2022 LCMS Youth Gathering.


The Oklahoma District Coordinator for this gathering is DCE Suzanne Watt. She will be meeting virtually with gathering planners over the next few months as we prepare for registration rollout in Fall 2021. Be prepared for things to look different and please PRAY for this event as we move forward. 2022 looks like a good possibility to happen and we must pray, trust and move forward. Houston will be a wonderful host for this event. Did you know there is even a 7 mile air-conditioned tunnel system which covers 95 blocks of the downtown area? That will feel great in the July heat! As we progress forward in 2021 more information regarding the District event, District t-shirts, Registration how-tos and resources will be shared.

As the District Coordinator for Oklahoma, initial questions should be directed to me BEFORE going to the Gathering Office.

DO contact me about:

  • Registration paperwork and timelines

  • How to register multiple congregations together as 1 group

  • Information about the District t-shirt 

  • Information about the District event 

  • Ideas for things to do, eat, see in Houston

  • Fundraiser ideas

  • Info on other District congregations going that you can partner with

  • Getting a background check on adult chaperones

  • Where to find Gathering information online

  • Ideas for transportation to/from the Gathering

  • Form templates for media releases and medical releases

For each of these "Do's" please keep check this page as well as the Oklahoma District website for further information and videos.

DO NOT contact me about:

  • Specific finances and payments for registrations

  • Your hotel assignment

  • Changes that you need to make to your registration once sent in

  • Special needs for your group while in Houston

  • Your congregational ID number

  • Transportation while at the Gathering due to your hotel assignment

  • Making travel arrangements for your group, the District will not offer group transportation, this is up to each individual congregational group to address.

For each of these "DO NOT's" please contact the Gathering Office directly or work with your congregational leaders to address them. I will not have access to your finances, finalized registration or hotel arrangements. Those are all done by the Gathering Office.


Held every 3 years since 1980, the LCMS Youth Gathering (Gathering) provides thousands of youth and adults the opportunity to come together as a community of God’s people to learn more about Jesus Christ, the Christian faith and their Lutheran identity.

During the five days of the Gathering, youth spend time together in God’s word, worship, service and fellowship with others from across the synod. This event is organized by LCMS Youth Ministry in Saint Louis, MO.


We plan to open registration at the same time as past LCMS Youth Gatherings. Registration will open with opportunities to enter data (tentatively September 2021) and then an officially open registration in October 2021.


The Gathering registration fee is $395 per participant. This fee covers all Gathering program and Office of National Mission Youth Ministry administrative costs and secondary insurance for all participants. Hotel, travel and meal costs are not included in the registration fee.

After March 2, 2022, participants will continue to be admitted to the Gathering on a space available basis for the late registration fee of $450.


The Youth Gathering promotes a ratio comparing youth to adults in order to provide sufficient space for youth to attend the event. An official ratio for the 2022 Gathering will be released at a later date, and we provide the 2019 ratio as a guideline for planning.  The youth-to-adult ratio  allows congregations flexibility in determining the number of  Adult Leaders they select to attend the Gathering. The Gathering values the involvement of parents, pastors, church workers, and other supportive adults in the faith life of young people and encourages their participation as Adult Leaders at the Gathering. 

Youth-to-Adult Ratio Recommended
# of Youth     # of Adults 

     2-6                    2-4
    7-13                   3-4
   14-20                 4-5
   21-27                  5-6
  28-34                  6-7
  35-41                   7-8
  42-48                  8-9 

Beyond 48 youth participants, it is recommended that groups continue to add one adult for every 5 youth. 

It is strongly recommended that: 

  • All groups have at least two adults and that each Community Group include at least two youth
  • Congregations secure criminal background checks for its Adult Leaders: www.protectmyministry.comwww.aaimea.org  

Congregations with only one youth attending the Gathering can be connected to other LCMS congregations by their District Coordinator (beginning Spring 2021).  For more information about District Coordinators, please contact  youth.ministry@lcms.org


As groups start to have initial meetings let's talk more about transportation. Click on the link to each type of transportation to learn more you should consider as you plan.

Thinking of driving to Houston...

Thinking of flying to Houston...



Click on the links to any of these resources to download or print them for your group use.

15 Month Planning Timeline

Sample Budget Tool

Key Gathering Terms

All LCMS congregations are eligible for tax exempt status in Texas! This is valid on state and hotel tax. If you are attending National in July 2021 or planning to attend the Gathering in July 2022 definitely apply! You may check with your church office and see if your congregation already applied for it during the 2013 San Antonio gathering and still has the information on hand.

Religious Tax Exemptions in Texas

Food at the Gathering

Start looking at restaurant options now and thinking about food for your group while at the 2022 Youth Gathering. There are lots of creative ideas other than jsut eating out!

  • Download the “HOU AR” (Apple Google) App which gives you access to restaurant guides for the entire Houston area. Downtown Houston also provides this dining guide.